Why are there different Bottle Amigo holder style variations based on vehicle model year?

As manufacturers change the look of a vehicle every few years, the interior changes as well. For example with the 2007 through 2018 Silverados, there is a notch on the center seat base, while 2019 and newer models do not have a notch, requiring a different solution and design.

How do I know which size Bottle Amigo will fit my bottle?

The Bottle Amigo comes in 3 sizes to accommodate as many of the different bottle manufacturers and sizes that are out there, and are based on the diameter of the bottle. If you are not sure of the width of your bottle, most manufacturers list the dimensions on their website, or feel free to contact us to assist.

The chart below shows the different Bottle Amigo sizes and common bottles that have been confirmed via customer feedback to fit:

Size Example Bottles
Regular 3.75" YETI Rambler 26oz
Naglene 32oz
Naglene Silo 48oz
HydroFlask Standard Mouth 24 oz
HydroFlask Lightweight Wide Mouth 40oz
XL 4.2"

YETI Rambler 40oz
YETI Rambler 46oz
ThermoFlask 40oz
CamelBack 40oz
HydroFlask Wide Mouth 32oz
HydroFlask Wide Mouth 40oz

XXL 5.2" YETI Rambler 64oz


I don't see my vehicle listed. Will the Bottle Amigo work in my vehicle?

It depends! While the first version of the Bottle Amigo was specifically made to hold a 26oz YETI in a 2017 Chevy Silverado, thanks to the help our amazing customers, there are now additional sizes and variations. If a Bottle Amigo doesn't currently exist for your vehicle, please reach out to us as we'd love to work with you to create the first, all we need are a few dimensions and some pictures!